Circle Building Services, Inc. is a full-service commercial and industrial cleaning company providing a broad range of building maintenance and management services. Locally owned and operated since 1984, the company's management has decades of experience providing top-quality facility services that don't just meet, but consistently exceed, customer expectations. Our commitment to excellence, combined with premiere products and a cleaning process that ensures consistent, high-quality service, has made us a leader in our industry.

Circle Building Services, Inc. is an innovative leader of contract building services in central Ohio. Our goal of performance excellence is driven by customer expectations of complete satisfaction. We achieve this through a systematic approach of providing quality services and products with a commitment to professional relationships with customers and employees.

A leader in commercial and industrial cleaning, we clean millions of square feet of space every day. From corporate office settings to manufacturing plants to critical needs environments, we provide cost-effective solutions for each customer's unique needs. We believe that successful relationships between customers and service providers develop when a true sharing of common interests exists. Partnering with our customers to meet the challenges of maintaining the cleanliness and safety of their properties has rewarded us with long-term relationships and a reputation for quality service that is of prime importance to us. Circle Building Services, Inc.'s systematic approach of tailoring our service to meet each customer's needs has been instrumental to our success. Utilizing a team concept, our employees are trained as specialists responsible for specific cleaning duties, rather than generalists who are given an unstructured assignment for cleaning a general building area. Our teams work under the leadership of a highly qualified and experienced manager who pays careful attention to every detail. We constantly seek new technologies and services to meet our customers' changing needs. We offer automated, electronic billing for managing customer accounts and have instituted an automated timekeeping system that controls costs and ensures that each facility is staffed appropriately. We diligently research the industry for the latest developments in equipment, chemicals and cleaning process innovations. Circle Building Services, Inc. is in strict compliance with all OSHA and industry safety guidelines.