There are few companies, if any in this market, that offer the wide range of quality services available from Circle Building Services, Inc.. We have built our reputation on a full-service concept. This means we are able to minimize or even eliminate the facility manager’s time-consuming task of seeking a multitude of vendors to provide various building maintenance services.

Our Philosophies

From our management to our front-line staff, we approach our business with the highest professionalism and we service our customers based on the following philosophies:

  • Customers prefer and appreciate a cost-effective, professional, customer-oriented "service,” rather than the lowest price.
  • Customers seek quality. Circle Building Services, Inc. guarantees that our customers can depend on the consistent manner in which their property will be maintained. Our quality assurance program ensures that our customers never fall victim to the syndrome: "It looked great yesterday, I'm not really sure what happened overnight."
  • Our experience has taught us that the quality of our services is directly related to the quality of our personnel. We take all necessary steps to ensure that each of our associates is well-trained and supervised.
  • Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business relationship, and our management team makes customer service its priority.
  • Most importantly, we recognize that our customers are the reason for our existence, and meeting their needs is paramount to our success.

Our Mission

Circle Building Services, Inc. is an innovative leader of contract building services in central Ohio. Our goal of performance excellence is driven by customer expectations of complete satisfaction. We achieve this through a systematic approach of providing quality services and products with a commitment to professional relationships with customers and employees.

Circle Building Services, Inc.’ commitment to our customers

  • Provide a clean, safe, healthy environment.
  • Build successful business partnerships with fair and equitable pricing.
  • Ensure the quality of our services through effective training and the continual improvement of our processes.
  • Recognize that our employees not only represent us, but also our customers and their images.
  • Establish open communications as a priority of our customer service program.

Company History

Dan Litzinger

The roots of Circle Building Services, Inc. can be traced back to when Dan Litzinger was just 12 years old and started cleaning a local dentist office and beauty parlor in the same building. Dan's career continued in cleaning and in 1978 he merged his small contract cleaning company with another small cleaning company. After six years of successful affiliation, Dan split from his partners in 1984, resulting in the creation of Circle Building Services, Inc.

Circle Building Services, Inc. was founded on the principles of customer service, a strong commitment to professionalism, and providing cost-effective personalized cleaning services. With nearly a century of combined experience, the management team and key staff of Circle Building Services, Inc. come from diverse backgrounds but have a common commitment to innovation and customer service.

Although Circle Building Services, Inc. has grown into a company with over 150 employees that serves a very diverse customer base, we will always find the time to embrace the basic principles of good corporate citizenship. None is more important to us than supporting our local communities. Circle Building Services, Inc. encourages employee involvement in community activities and is led by the example of its founder, who has served on the boards of the Community Foundation and the local United Way, a public housing authority, and a local school district.